Sep 29, 2008

Dinner in the sky

And it is not in heaven, just 50 meters above the ground. If you really want to surprise your friends or business partners and want to throw a dinner that they’ll never forget, you might consider a Dinner in the Sky. All you have to do is contact the guys at Diner in the,tell them how you’d like them to customize the table and they’ll come with their giant crane in any place on earth as long as there is a 500 square meters surface that can be secured. You can invite up to 22 people to this unbelievable dinner in the sky for a period of 8 hours. You’ll only be accompanied by a chef, waiter and an entertainer, so you’ll have the whole sky to yourself.


MAHARAJ said...

that's really amazing

zealot~ape said...

i am afraid of hights but this one could help me get over these fears!

motmplus said...

Someone is auctioning a dinner in the sky event on ebay