Sep 18, 2008

Rare and Weird Supercars

Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale - Alfa´s last supercar: V8, sucessfull race car turned road car, sounds and goes like the devil.
B- Engineering Edonis - Masterpiece, built on the mechanics and chassis of the bugatti EB110 SS by the original bugatti engineers, but with 3.7l twin turbo (instead of the 4turbos on the eb110) and RWD only. Only 21 built, 700hps.
Dauer 962 Le Mans - Built on ex-race 962 chassis, but completely reworked and in many cases even more powerful than in race mode, with 730hp it took the record for fastest road car in the world with 2.6secs 0-100kph and a topspeed of 404kph, but due to legal issues it never was really recognized. Probably my only really dream car.
Donkervoort D8 GT - First coupe version of the Lotus/Caterham Seven ever made!!! Made in aluminium and carbon fiber body with Audi power its a rocket and looks like something out of the terminator. All the pleasure of a 7 without getting a pneumonia.

De Tomaso Mangusta - The devil in the shape of a car. Built to beat the Cobra it remained in the dark although its is capable of matching a Daytona and a Miura in performance. Its a hybrid cuz it matches italian design with US muscle in the form of a 289ci V8 Hi-Po (euro version, US got a detuned 302ci unit)
Ferrari 500 Superfast - A 1960´s monster, it remained the most powerful Ferrari for along time, even when it ceassed to be produced, its V12 spited out 400hp, it had the largest tyres of the time in a road car, it was expensive has a hell, I love it.
Failed GT racing prototype, later sold to special clients, fast has f***, but factory didnt want to waste time, money and effort that could be aplied to Formula 1. One client got his engine upgraded to over 900hp naturaly aspired but forbidden by the factory to race it.
Ferrari F50 Bolide - Special one-off made for the Sultan of Burnei, I think it shows why its so special...
Gillet Vertigo - Belgium made, originaly based on the caterham 7 it recived its own carbon chassis soon after, and later evolved into the Streiff and moved from Ford Sierra Cosworth power to Alfa Romeo V6 3.0l Turbo keeping its hp at high 500hp. Briefly owned the title of the fastest acceleration road car with 3.2secs from 0-100kph.
Hommell RS2 - Know has something of a mix between a lightweight sports car and a rally car, its a miniature supercar powered by a 2.0l 4 cylinder with enough fire to make it go very fast, its handling is said to be fenomenal and its engine fantastic.
1991 Isdera Commendatore 112i - One of my favourites, been inlove with its looks since I was a little kid and saw it for the first time in a magazine. Tubular chassis, extreme aerodynamics, powered by a Mercedes V12 6.0l engine it does 330kph and 4.7secs from 0-100kph.
Iso Grifo - Another US/Euro hybrid (the only ones worth it powered by 350ci or 427ci Chevy units. Very rare but not as expensive as period Ferraris or Lambos. A true Italian Muscle car.
Jaguar XJR15 - Based on the Le Mans wining XJR11 carbon chassis, it used a 6.0 V12 with 450hp. Designed by Peter Stevens the man who restyled the Lotus Esprit and styled the McLaren F1, this car is considered by many the car Jaguar should have built instead of the XJ220. In fact this car was made for a one year only trophy organized by the TWR who at the time was running Jaguar racing programs in Le Mans and the ETCC. Since TWR was ordered to develop the XJ220 at the same time as the XJR15, many considered that TWR owner Tom Walkinshaw deliberatly changed the 4wd V12 powered XJ220 Concept car into a V6 TT RWD final product to avoid making direct competition with his XJR15. Another factor was the cars price: 1million$. 300kph and 3.1secs to make it to 100kph and gorgeous looks with racing pedigree make it another of my favourites.
1989 Jiotto Caspita - A true supercar with Japanese origins and a bit of design that reminds one of the Zonda. A true F1 for the road since the only 2versions were built with detuned F1 engines, one with a Motori Moderni (a little secret, many think motori moderni was an italian engine maker in F1, but those engines were built by... (jesus!) Hyundai, but for status they got an italian name, but were worthless anyway) flat 12 engine and the 2nd got a Judd V10. Gearboxes were from Weismann and were 6speed. Data for the Flat12 was 450hp, with a topspeed of 320kph and 4.7secs for the 100kph sprint.
LeBlanc Caroline - With a girls name and some weird looks it doesnt show much promise, but when you find out it does 348kph and 2.7secs from 0-100kph with a twin turbo 4cylinder engine, it kinda makes you forget the name and looks.
LeBlanc Mirabeau - A FIA GT series race car taht can be bought for the road, powered by a Koenigsegg V8. Its race car chassis, suspensions and aerodynamics and the powerful swedish engine make it certanly one of the fastest things on the road.
Lister Storm - ANother british car with one kickass name. First road car ever to have ground effects, it became notorious for winning the FIA GT title against 993 GT2 and Vipers. Before that it was raced by Tiff Needell in the BPR series ( wich later became FIA GT). Powered by a 7liter V12 Jaguar unit in FR form, it was the fastest 4 seater in world for some time and later evolved into the GTL. Available to be trashed in Gran Turismo
Lotec C1000 - This story beginns with a citizen of the Emirates desire to own the fastest road car in the world, so he asked Mercedes to built him one. Mercedes then asked Lotec to do it using their parts. Lotec took the V8 from the 560SEC sticked a couple of turbos and voila 850hp to 1000hp, hewland 5speed and an estimated topspeed of 434kph but the owner never took it over 374kph. It was for sale a while ago. 0 to 100 in 3.2secs.
Lotec Sirius - Another twin turbo merc engine, this time a v12 with a range of power from 1000 to 1300hp, took 3years to built, made by order and an estimated performance of 400kph and 3.7secs to make it to 100kph.
Marcos LM500 - Marcos is an old brand but very unknow to many. Its designs are basic evolutions of their original cars from the early 1970´s but getting more agressive as the years go by. V8 Rover power and power matching a Ferrari 355 perfectly it became the monster LM600 powered by a 6.3l Chevy competition unit and used in all GT series you can think of.
MCV CH4 - One for those Canuck bastards Canadian super cars with Ford 4.6l V8 twin turbo. Not much is know, even if it was produced, but worth mentioning anyway. 40hp is said to be available.
Mega Monte Carlo - French company Mega is more know for its city micro cars and utilitary cars, but they have a dark side were they make Mercedes V12 6.0l powered supercars like this Monte Carlo. Built in very small numbers launched in 1996 but still in prodution. 300kph - 4.4secs
1994 Mega Track - It was considered the fastest most powereful offroad / rally car built at the time. Powered by a mercedes V12 6.0l it reached 250kph and only 5were made.
Sensor GTR - Another car I know very little except its still produce made by order, capable of receiving a large range of engine from 4 to 12 cylinders and handle 1000hp.
Stealth B6 - A race car for the road. Like many other small English sports cars it races in the British GT series. Its powered by a 6.3l Chevy V8 and it beated the JUN Spuper Lemon in the Autocar 0-100-0mph test, just failing to beat the McLaren F1 GTR record by a little bit. I love it because it looks so excentric. 289kph and 3.7secs
Tiger Z100 - A twin Kawasaki ZX12r engined Caterham 7. 0-100kph - 3.1secs
Venturi 300 Biturbo - The only good car to come out of France in a long time. Evolution of the fantastic MVS260, it has a PRV twin Turbo v6 with a Renault R25 gearbox. I love the looks and the handling is said to be top notch.
Venturi 400GT - The Atlantique on a steroids overdose. Same specs only wider more downforce and bigger turbos. Result 408hp, 290kph and 4.7secs to get to 100kph.
Yamaha OX99 - Probably the ugliest supercars ever, but at the same time fantastic. Single seater, tiny car powered by a detuned Yamaha Formula 1 Engine with 400hp, it never made into production and only 3cars were made, but the technologie, sophisticated aerodynamics, exotic mechanics would have made it glorious.
Cizeta Moroder - Originaly this car should have becomed the Lamborghini Diablo. It was designed by Marcello Gandini and the initial development of the Diablo was made on this car back in 1987, but it was later refused by lambo management, so Gandini sold it to Moroder. Its his super wide, wider than the Diablo and the Testarossa and it is the only post WWII V16, said to be 2 lamborghini V8s from the urraco join together transversaly. Its sound is incredible, idling it can make itself be heard over a revving Porsche Carrera GT, 560hp and a topspeed of 320kph made it one of the fastest cars in the world back in 1989, and the only road car I know of with 8 exahust tips.
Only 551 where built
Very old bugatti
Classic Jaguar w/h a V12
The classic m1

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